SJPS Foundation Grant Recipients

Thank You for Your Dedication to SJPS Students!

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Alyssa Barkovich: Kindergarten Sphero Indi Educational Coding Robots $1,247 – Brown, Clarke, Lincoln Elementary 

Tracy Becker and Jamie Culver: SJHS English Teacher-Leaders Present at NCTE’s National Conference $2,600 – SJHS

Lauri Berry: GoTime Sessions $1,500 – SJHS

Lauren Borre: Diversify and Update our Classroom Libraries $4,500 –  Brown, Clarke, Lincoln

Matt Culver, Julie Beam, Joe Fralick: ArtPrize $1,300 – Upton MS and SJHS

Jamie Culver: BookLove Reading Incentives for SJHS Students – $700 SJHS

Linda DeLapa: Happy Numbers Supplemental Math App $3,600 – Brown, Clarke, Lincoln Elementary 

Joshua Doe, Heavy Metal – Part 1 $35,000 – SJHS and Upton MS

Kelsey Froelich, Jarret Andre: Biology Modeling Curriculum Supplies –  $932 SJHS

Ben Jager, SJHS Fitness Center Renovation $254,392.28 – SJHS

Matt Maier: Calculators for the Classroom –  $425.23 Upton MS

Keith McLaughlin: Van de Graff Generator – $821.50 SJHS

Brittany Mohney: Bjorem Cards for Speech Therapy –  $758.68 SJHS, Upton, Clarke

Gabriela Parra: Articulation Updates! Adding diversity to materials –  $644.94 Brown School

Gretchen Peek and Andria Ettinger: 3rd Grade Book Club Book Sets $4671 – Brown, Clarke, Lincoln

Natalie Rank, Your LIGHT Shines Bright, $647.21 – Brown Elementary

Bri VanHekken, Colette Jasiak, Melaina VonBehren: Engaging and Interactive SEL Interventions $1,033.50 – Brown, Clarke, Lincoln Elementary

Carmen A. Grandy Award for Teaching Excellence

Victoria Mulliner, Beth Fairchild, Suzi Schweir: Calming Room $3,500 – Upton MS





October 2022 Awards = $189,171.68

Tracy Wagner, Guidance Counselor and Sarah Juengling Math teacher at SJHS equitable calculator availability $3,600.00
Phillip Cole, SJHS Green Screen Video $420
Lauri Berry, Culinary HS teacher and Key Club advisor(9-12) Key Club Service Leadership Conference $1,500
Kelsey Froelich: High School Biology Teacher Yoga Club Accessories – $223
Kevin Guzzo, Athletic Director AP Student Athlete Leadership – books for school year $1,000
Christine Crandle (SJHS–10th grade teacher/Bear Time Group Advisor) Peace Rock Garden $310
Alli Hoskins, 2023 Senior Career Day $1,425.00 – SJHS
Alli Hoskins, AP Bears Give Back $5,000.00 – SJHS
Lauren Wiltsie – SJHS teacher and Color Guard instructor Fall Colors: Updated Flags, Costumes, and Equipment for SJMB Color Guard $3,500
Chad Mandarino, Assembly to Address Vaping for 6th-12th grades – $1,200
Elizabeth Gray-Roll, Choir Risers – $16,000
Ann St. Amand,  UpStream Class and Club, Salmon in the Classroom, Science Olympiad $4,070 Upton MS
Joseph Zahrn, 7th and 8th Grade E-Sports Club $2,000
Lara Crawford Lincoln Intervention K-5 LLI Intervention Gold and Purple Kit Materials (4th and 5th grade) $28,747.08
Dan Hernandez, 4th grade Spanish Club-Senor Wooly Subscription and Workbooks $709.60
Megan Miltibarger,  Elementary Music Michigan Music Conference $1,142
Kristen Bawks, Professional Learning Communities at Work Institute $45,695
Kristen Bawks, Summer Reading Book Bonanza and Secondary Summer Send-Off $64,305
Kristen Bawks, Supporting the Professional Growth of Administrators $8,325


March 2022 Awards = $250,690.53


Kristen Bawks: Engaging Every Student Every Day – Professional Learning with Dr. Jensen $17,975

Kristen Bawks: Continuing our Partnership with the Positivity Project $8,985

Greg Blomgren: Senior Career Day Experience $1,410

Kristin Burnette: Have I Got News for You: Expanding the Upton Experience $2,100

Denise Clark: FIRST Robotics Elementary and Middle School $8,847

Amy Dirlam: Media Center Makeover; Outfitting the Heart of the School $50,000

Joshua Doe: Jazz Band Updates! $4,500

Chastity Edlefson: Modernizing the SJHS News Studio $4,350

Kelly Gaideski: GrapeSEED $22,200

Kelly Gaideski: Project Wayfinder – Curriculum for SJHS and Upton MS $24,035

Kelly Gaideski: Summer Reading Book Bonanza and Secondary Summer Send Off $48,500

Kelly Kietzerow: Science Olympiad Coaching Program $260

Stephanie Lear: Tech Team Hits the Fab Lab at Lake Michigan College $3,730.98

Becky Lokey: The Writing Process & Author’s Craft: Author Visit with Literary Award Winner, Sharon Draper $1,000

Amy Peterson and Tracy Olson: Senior Dinner Dance $3,000

Marcus Roll: LED Lighting Upgrade for the John and Dede Howard Auditorium $49,797.55